JOHCM Private Equity invests in OpenBet Technologies

JOHCM Private Equity is pleased to announce its investment in OpenBet Technologies Limited (“OpenBet”).

Headquartered in London, with satellite offices in Australia, North America, China, India and Macau, OpenBet is a leading provider of solutions that facilitate betting and playing online games in multiple languages, currencies, and across numerous channels. Other OpenBet systems allow customers to bet on the outcome of live events with the betting odds offered by major bookmakers. The company generates revenues from recurring licence and maintenance fees; from ongoing software development; and from revenue-sharing agreements. OpenBet’s platform and products are used by an expanding range of gaming operators in addition to traditional bookmakers and online gaming specialists.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jeremy Brade, a senior partner at JOHCM Private Equity who will join the board of OpenBet, said:

“We are very pleased to have invested in OpenBet and look forward to working with the management team, and the lead investor. We are very encouraged by the strength of the company’s products and market position, and enthusiastic about the opportunity for significant growth.”